I'm entering a new world

Assalamualaikum guys. So sorry I havent posted for such a long period. I was busy and  I kinda forgot about this blog

Anyway this is my first post through my tablet so maybe after this, I can post more often.

So anyway I wanna tell you guys that I was accepted to INTEC shah alam. I was kinda dxcited but at the same time nervouse because I need to meet new people and I am afraid I cant adapt well to the changes.

Anyway, I was to go to UK for my degree in medicine and wheee it is exactly what I wished for. Well, not exactly because I wanted to go to Ireland but hey, Ireland is a part of UK. So I still have a shot for Ireland. WHEEEE

I am gonna register in INTEC on 29/6 and so now I am still in my home, sleeping happily. 

Anyway, bye bye for now. Assalamualaikum

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