Go Away Bad Memories

Assalamualaikum guys. Iam so sorry for not posting for such a long time. Idk why I started writing again today (I even considered deleting this blog btw im sorry). It was so long since I last wrote that I ran out of ideas on what to  wrote even ha.ha.

Anyway the title says it all (really, not it all really). I dont know why im being so negative these days haish. I have officially grduated of intec and I reread my last post and it was about me getting into intec. Wow it basically means that I stopped writing during my dys in intec(what  a lazy girl Ive been)

I really really wanna write all tht I can remember about intec now so that i wouldnt forget about these things later on. 

First and foremost, id like to write onmy friends. They were precious I tell you. On the last day, we ranted out about our feeling for eachother, and i couldnt really say it all cause im too shy (pardon me yall. 

Starting with my bestfriend in intec, definitel shu. Im so happy im gonna be with her aain in imu later (i know you too kan shu kan hahaha). I was homesick at first and really, I was ready to give up at one point, then I went for usrah and I started to get close to this girl. I remembered thinking that how weird itll be later if I ended up close to this girl for usrah, and guess what, we did become close. And through thiis friendship with her, I became more mature and more understanding.Love you my gal.

Then im gonna talk about my roommate sarah. I remembered when I fist saw her,I was fascinated by her. She got me thinking that I really had nothing compared to her, but it was only at first cause later i found out shes just as crazy as i am. We were super close in the beginning, and then my homesickness kicked in and she started to become active with th committes and all, so we drifted apart. It was quite a fight i remember, but we apatched things up and become friends again. It was really a journey with this girl cause shes been beside m for 2 years(yay no bloodbath happened) and i really love her. When i found oout that she hada boyfriend, i was genuinely happy for her.. Thank you sarah for bearing with me. I know lots of tie you were annoyed with me (and couldve even cursed me internally), but really, im super grateful for you being so pateint wih me. 

Then, cat. A girl from sarawak. She can talk you guys. I mean, she did talk alot, but most of the thingthat came out of her mouth were not nonsense, they were things that are true and fun to listen to. I love her laugh and her voice and especially her speech during our graduation. Okay i miss her already. Irdinaa!! She was my first bestfriend, and will forever stay my bestfriend. She was my housemate the first 3 sems, then she moved out (yup we called her a betrayer). She was a pure innocent soul that i had tarnished with BTS. She got so hooked up on bts that she bought teir merchandises and albums (the ones i couldnt afford sobs). Nvtheless,  i  love her and forever will. Im a legit irdinascreamer ok. Ira is so pretty nd i love her (and her cats altho i can tell ruby dont really like me as much as i do). I dont have muchmemories with her but  i do know that shes really close with sarah and that i symphatize so much wen you guys had to part. Ana is a reall cute girl.Shes my first friend and we even planned to be roommates, but well Allah had a better plan for both of us. I relly adore her arts and once she drew me a picture of jimin (she just gained my 100% love starting that moment). Aishah Amira is a girl i never wouldve thought to be so close to. I remembered thinking that shes so diligent and compare myself to her, and never knew how i actually started to become close to her. I remember that semester 2 brought us together, and semester 2 was my favourite time of all time in intec.

Puteri and fai was basically the princess of the class. Puteri was just drop dead gorgeous and fai is super stylish. I just love them both and i loved  the momet inn sem 3 where me and puteri was deskmate and we just clicked. I was super close to fai in the first sem and I did sth that made us distant from each other. Till now i wanted to make things right again, but i guess to forget is not as easy as to  forgive (im sobbing  real  hard at this).

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